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Is My Tree Healthy and Will My Tree Fall Down?

Our Certified Arborists are trained to evaluate the root structure, soil conditions, wellness of the branches, stability of the trunk and overall tree health. A Tree Evaluation will help you understand each individual current tree condition, future needs and how to care for your tree properly year round.

While performing a Tree Evaluation, our Certified Arborist will walk your property and look for signs of trunk rotting, decrepit or cracked branches, including water and soil conditions. As trees grow older assessing their internal structural integrity is a top priority, making sure there are cared for from any number of common problems including insects, mold, and too much water.


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Tree Evaluations and recommendations to increase tree health are how we can help keep your property looking beautiful. Tree pruning or tree trimming to reduce branch weight are commonplace to reduce the risk of trees falling down in storms or heavy wind gusts. Tree treatments are another method to reduce the risk of tree failure. Sometimes trees become a hazard to your property, and tree removal is required.

“Did you know you could have over 20 – 30 different types of tree species per property, each requiring different pruning practices, thinning or shaping?”

Understanding tree health is a big part of what we do, but an experienced Certified Arborists knows which trees on your property may require city approvals to touch or remove from your property. Keeping trees on your property properly cared for will increase the value of your property and enhance its overall style. Come see why residential and commercial properties trust the reputation and full services backed by Supreme Tree & Landscape Experts. Did you know you can schedule your Tree Evaluation Online for Free?
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How Much Is A Tree Evaluation Cost?

Tree Evaluation Paid When Ordering is $200: Included is a minimum fee for the visit, which includes travel time, plus a one hour on site for information collection.

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Diseased Tree

Moldy Tree

Tree Dying

Tree Fungus

Tree Survey

What’s Wrong With Your Tree? We Can Help!

Do I Need A Tree Health Evaluation Report?

No, you don’t need A Tree Evaluation Report, you can pay the $200 and be done. Certified Tree Evaluations Arborist Report involves the hiring of an ISA Certified Arborist to visit a site and evaluate a tree or multiple trees. The report is a separate charge from the site visit fee, usually starting at $600 minimum. A price can usually be quoted at the time of the site visit for the report generation. This is a CHARGED Tree Evaluation Arborist Report, we still offer FREE Tree Trimming Service Estimates.

Tree Evaluations, and the Tree Health Evaluation Report Is Good For:

•Determining tree overall health, insect and disease identification and correction methods
•Identify potential risks and establishing risk management practices
•Establishing liability for potential court proceedings
•Tree appraisal and valuation services
•Municipalities may require a report for construction work or existing tree protection


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